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We offer English language lessons to children in school years 0 – 6 in Sopot and Gdańsk. Using modern teaching resources, our teaching staff and native speakers deliver interactive, effective and fun lessons to children.

Working in small groups, your child will develop good speaking and listening skills whilst also making steady progress in reading and writing. Lessons include games and art activities which provide excellent opportunities for children to use the English that they have been learning.

GO Global students gain confidence and proficiency to become excellent users of English!

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5% off for second child

5% off for semester payers

English lessons for children in classes 0-8

Sessions happen weekly and last for 60 minutes. Nine month’s tuition to June 2018 (a minimum of 30 lessons) costs 1050 zł.:

– 9 monthly payments of 129 zł.
– 2 semester payments totalling 1100 zł. (550 zł. + 550 zł.)

Timetable of Lessons

Lessons start the week beginning 03/10/2016

SP 15 class 0 class 1 classes 2-3 classes 4-5


SP 17 class 0 class 1 class 2 classes 3-4 classes 5-6


SP 39 classes 0-1 classes 2-3


SP 45 class 0-1 class 2 class 3 classes 4-5


SP 08 class 1 class 2 classes 3-4 classes 5-6