How to Pay Go global kids

1. Payments need to be made monthly in advance of lessons being given or for a whole semester. Unfortunately, we are unable to accept cash payments for children or young people attending a language group. Please pay fees directly into this bank account.

Bank: Nest Bank SA
Account: 52 2530 0008 2049 1026 5626 0001
Name: Terra Cognita Sp. z o.o.
Address: 80-180 GDAŃSK, UL. PIOTRKOWSKA 24/7

Once your child has started with GO Global, please make sure that payments reach our account by the 10th day of every calendar month, if you are paying monthly.

2. Please reference any payment with your child’s name, the school number where they receive lessons and the month that the payment is for, or Semester 1 eg: Anna Grajewska, SP 39, 09 / Jan Kuczyński, Sp 39, Semester 1

3. Unfortunately we are unable to reimburse you if your child misses lessons.

4. Please let us know if you require a paper receipt each month and we will send this home with your child.